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Being other while being same

Please be aware: This section does not want to insult or hurt you. But it may show a content that is sometimes unusual, disturbing, provocative, politically incorrect or even inacceptable to your private or corporate «morally OK» firewall.
     Sorry — I do not really care about. I strongly believe in freedom of speech, morals are not imperatively ethical to me — and the next mouse click is anyway your own free choice.
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This section is about «diversity», a very popular term today: Every major firm talks, writes and tries to commit its staff about. Minorities of about every shape and shadow are a welcomed topic in newspapers, magazines, talk shows, and even academic releases.

«Christina's World»
Andrew Wyeth, «Christina's World», 1948
(courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art/MoMA)

Yep, it is fancy to be diverse. Currently the hype is seemingly a black queer Ben (or at least a macchiato AC/DC) — of an immigrant father and a bi-transvestite, smoking grandmother, whining about a boring bad childhood —, who likes to wayoff quote Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (being truly concerned re. the terrific CO2), while suffering from a probably gene caused vanilla-smelling umbrella disorder or at least a blend of a delphic Asperger syndrome, i.e. a Teva sandal fetish focused mental disruption. The more exotic the better. But please strictly avoid to be simply a cripple — you just would not fit into today's computed and perfectly sophisticated intricate system …

«Mara Gabrilli for Duloren»
Brazilian lady and activist Mara Gabrilli for Duloren, 2001
(photo by Marcos Silveira, Art Director of agency Doctor)

Diversity as a characteristic trait of a decent and genuine notion of human being is not a matter of tolerance; tolerated diversity is at least arrogance and sometimes segregation (or even kind of racism). Diversity does not discuss allowance — does someone own the gauging stick? —, and so it anyway ignores the current moral vogue. Diversity is simply about a basic, mutually respectful and even appreciated acceptance of the other one being his own way — because it is exactly what enriches each one's life. Diversity may include empathy (not only sympathy), and it embraces the right of the neighbor to reach his own happyness. Simply said: Tit for Tat. It is such an easy rule; sometimes I wonder why this even may cause wars … we humans are really crazy beings.

«U.K. disability year 1981»
long ago: U.K., 1981, FDC w/Philart cachet

Are we not since birth and because of what happens in life anyway singular, and therefore each of us a minority? And are we not — basically again, as human beings — also all the same, brothers and sisters sharing a short time together? We like to distinguish and value, to group and build abstract structures, because it may be helpful in daily life. But this is so far away from reflecting the ultimately chaotic phantasy of real life, the wonderful sparkling picture of humanity and existence.

«sharkburgers cartoon»
I got this really nice cartoon, but the artist is unknown to me

My D word is Disability, a topic I know by myself. I want to focus on it, looking at the various colors of handicaps and being «handicapped». On the left you find a list of some planned pages and its possible contents, the subtopics I would like to blahblah about. Yep, a lot re. disability and the concerned people was achieved these last decades, but to me some developments are misdirected, becoming more and more counterproductive or even repressive. The D-community is much more quiet than other minorities, perhaps by nature (and because we are humbly grateful ;-) So I am trying to be clear, and hopefully not too loud.

Evelyn Glennie, Touch The Sound
Touch The Sound — A sound journey with Evelyn Glennie, 2004

In 1998/9, while being in the U.S., I owned a site re. disability on IceStorm — it was kind of a portal, mainly a copy editing collection of relevant links, and at that time I did not know the modern term «diversity» —, but I lost it because of a move back to Europe and my technical inability. This is kind of a Phœnix, trying to be more focussed and explicit.

«Columbus institution»
… an appealing name, isn't it? — and Deborah Harry's third solo album ;-)

Because of an article in the Swiss newspaper «Tages-Anzeiger» about a co-worker who participated in the first Swiss «Miss Handicap»-contest (btw, s. the winning trio!), I decided to expedite the start of this section by enhancing the index page. Like the other three ghidelli.net sections, this one too has just the goal to be someway useful or at least sometimes funny. Enjoy & thank you for visiting!

«Captive», slightly modified (the original author is still unknown to me)

PS: Most of the pictures shown in this section will be women — not only because I am boring straight, but as it is the way it is. For hundreds of years (and through the last decades too), as soon as it becomes visual/an «optical expression», painters, photographers, art directors, etc. mainly like to show a female as a subject (or an object). I do not care about any politically correct balance. I am just curious, and it is my way to try to find out how the truth may be looking.

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